Name: Red

Age: 18

Dorm: Cursed Pride

Alignement: Lawful good

Brief History: Red was born to a loving normal family. No one in his family was a duelist or knew much about the game but he had a neighbor who played in the minor leagues and taught at an early age as his babysitter. The two grew close until he disappeared. At age 10 he decided to become a professional duelist and teacher, so he could honor his instructors memory. When he was 16 he tried to enter kaibia’s academy but his parents forbid it, concerned for his future. Determined, he continued playing and seeing his skills his parents agreed to enroll him in a more local academy with a good reputation. He lives in the dorms but commutes regularly to visit his mother, father, and little sister.

Personality: Red is very friendly and always happy to help new players, as it reminds him of his time with his first instructor. He cares more about fair play than winning, and loves to learn new cards and combos (even if he loses to them). He believes more in careful planning and strategy then in “the heart of the cards” but carries no ill feelings towards the belief. The heart of the cards is the one thing he and his first instructor disagreed about, but they always respected the others point of view.

Awards: N/A

Deck Recipies: Dark NecroNecro, Ben 10

Status: Head of Cursed Pride (Not yet cannon), Head of testing (Not yet cannon), Co-head of tutorial center (Not yet cannon)

Recent Character Devlopment:



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